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Whether you are a first time home buyer, buying your next home, self-employed, new immigrant to Canada, have poor credit or have low down-payment, selecting the right financing for your home is of MAJOR IMPORTANCE. In today’s market there are many different lenders and products. The lending rules and regulations are constantly shifting. Therefore, the task of finding the most suitable rate and terms could be a daunting task

I work with a very large network of lenders including major banks, trust companies, insurance firms, investment firms and private lenders which in total encompasses a pool of hundreds of different products.

With my negotiation skills, deep knowledge of mortgage industry, and through my large network of lenders, I will find you the most favorable rate and terms for your financial situation.

Solution for All Types of Purchase

A part from the conventional mortgages, I offer many other forms of mortgage options tailored for each specific situation as indicated below:

  • First Time Home Buyer - Buy your first home with confidence as we walk you through all the process and the steps needed for your financing starting with your approval and affordability. Be sure to get pre-approved before shopping for a home so that you know what you can afford and what your mortgage payments would be so that you can save time by shopping for homes in your price range

  • Self-Employed – Being self-employed has many benefits including flexible hours and designing your own level of success. In the past many lending institution made it difficult for self-employed individuals to obtain financing. However their approach has drastically shifted in the recent years and now many institutions have programs specifically designed to meet the financing requirements of self-employed buyers. I have a wide range of mortgages with flexible options and a quick approval process designed specifically to meet the needs of self-employed and entrepreneurs.

  • New Immigrants – Are you are a new comer to Canada and have just become a permanent resident but have no Canadian credit history? You would be glad to know that you can receive 95% financing to purchase your dream home.

  • Poor Credit – Having a bad credit score is not ideal but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot receive financing for your home purchase. Depending on your specific situation you can still secure a mortgage to purchase your dream home. There are many programs that allow buyers that have poor credit to purchase a home, although, these mortgages have a higher interest rate, it will enable you to purchase your home and then refinance your mortgage when your credit situation has resolved.

  • Low Down Payment – We have various solution in place for purchaser with less than 20% deposit. Many institutions offer mortgages with only 5% down-payment for home buyers with excellent credit. If your credit is less than perfect then you will can still receive additional funding alternative sources that offer 90% financing or through secondary financing for your down-payment which requires you to have a minimum of 10%.

  • Cash back Mortgages – Purchasing a home can be financially overwhelming and you may find yourself short on cash following the purchase of your home. With the cash back mortgage, you can cover your moving costs, lawyer fees, home furnishing cost and other expenses

  • Vacation Home & Second Home – Whether you are looking to buy a second home to be closer to work or buy a lake –front cottage, you can receive up to 95% financing
  • Land Transfer Tax & Mortgage Calculators

    Land Transfer Tax & Mortgage Calculators

    Benefits of Pre-Approval And Why You Should Get Pre-Approved

    If you haven’t already done so, you should get pre-approved before you start your home hunting. The reason is that you will know how much you are approved for so that you save time searching for homes that are within your reach. Additionally having a pre-approval gives you power in negotiation as both the seller and real estate agents know that you are a serious buyer who can close. Here are some of the benefits of why you should get pre-approved:

    1. Know how much you can afford - There is no second guessing as you know for certain what your buying power is
    2. Negotiation power - You have more negotiating power with the seller especially in case of multiple offers as you have a solid financial backing
    3. Better service from agents - Real estate agents are more willing to work with you as they are assured you are financially able to complete the transaction
    4. Sellers will take your offer more seriously - Sellers will know you are serious and will consider your offer serious
    5. Save time - Save time by searching for homes that are within your approved price range
    6. It is absolutely free and you are under no obligation to accept any offer