Refinance and borrow up to 90%
of your home's value

Great time to Refinance

With interest rates at historic lows, now is a great time to refinance your mortgage and take advantage of the low interest rates to cut down on your monthly payments. If you had taken out a mortgage few years ago when the rates were higher, you would save substantially over the course of the next few years by refinancing your mortgage today.

Make no mistake the savings are substantial. A mere interest rate reduction of only 0.85% on a $200,000 mortgage (with 25 years amortization) in a course of five years could be a saving of $8,041.66 as shown below and $11848.52 if the rate was lowered by just 1.25%. In most cases I can lower your interest rates by much more and you will keep thousands of dollars in your own pocket instead of tossing it to the lender. The saving of this magnitude could be used toward your children’s education, paying off debts, home renovation, or be used for other investments.

Savings Calculation Example

Mortgage amount: $200,000; Amortization: 25 Years; Term: 5 Years

Scenario1: Interest rate 3.6%
Total Interest paid at the end of 5 year term = $33,427.06

Scenario2: Interest rate reduced by 0.85 to 2.75%
Total Interest paid at the end of 5 year term = $25,385.40

Saving ($33,427.06 - $25385.40) = $8,041.66

Reasons for Refinancing

There are many reasons you may choose to refinance your mortgage but chief among them is that you may wish to lower your interest rate, lump you’re first and second mortgages into one single mortgage, change the term and duration of your mortgage, switch from adjustable rate to fixed rate, take out cash to pay off debts, renovate your home or buy an investment property.

  1. Lower your monthly mortgage payment – As stated earlier simply reducing your interest rates by as little as 0.85% would yield a huge saving in the near future. Chances are you will reduce your interest rate by much more than just 0.85% since the interest rate are much lower than what they were 3 or 5 years ago.
  2. Consolidate all your mortgages into one single mortgage – if you are tired of making different payments, you can bundle your first and second mortgage into one single mortgage and make one payment
  3. Change the term and duration – You may choose to refinance and change the length of your term to a shorter or a longer term.
  4. Switch from adjustable to Fixed rate – With the historically low interest rates, many folks find switching to a fixed rate mortgage to be an attractive option
  5. Take out cash for renovation or investment – Many homeowners are taking advantage of the low interest rate to renovate their home or use the case to buy additional investment properties
  6. Debt Consolidation – Here lies the enormous savings. If you have high interest credit card debt, auto loan and other high interest loans, then refinancing will have a monumental impact on your financial situation as you will be able to consolidate all these debt into one single loan with much lower interest rate.

Refinance Your Mortagage Today and Sart Saving

Current Mortgage Refinance Mortgage
Current Home Value $400,000 Current Home Value $400,000
$200,000 Mortgage @ 5.0% = $1,163/month $250,000 Mortgage @ 2.75% = $1,151/month
$20,000 Auto Loan @ 10.0% = $425/month Auto Loan = Paid
$25,000 Credit Card @ 19% = $650/month Credit Card Debt = Paid
$5,000 Store Card @ 20% = $130/month Store Card Debt = Paid
Total $2,367/month Total $1,151/month
You Save $1,216/month!!!