No Income/Credit Required - Private Lender Financing up to 90%. You are APPROVED on EQUITY NOT Credit.

Fast Private Mortgage Financing for every situation regardless of credit and income

Private mortgages through private lender financing is a quick and great short term financing solution for situations where you have been turned down by the traditional banks and institutions due to credit or income that did not meet their strict lending policy. In contrast to credit unions, banks and trust companies, private lenders have a much more flexible terms and conditions such that you are approved for a private mortgage even if you are currently in or have been through::

Power of Sale
Tax Arrears
Mortgage Arrears
Low/No Income
No Employment
Bad Credit/No Credit

With access to a very extensive and large pool of private lenders you are approved for a private mortgage either for purchase or for equity loan/second mortgage in Ontario whether you live or you plan to purchase in a major metropolitan city or in a more remote rural area.

Private mortgage in a nutshell

A private mortgage is a financing provided by private lenders such as individuals or private companies that choose to invest their money in mortgages which is considered a safe investment since it is secured by a real property rather than investing in stocks, bonds or other types of more risky investments. As opposed to the traditional lenders, private lenders are more concerned with the property, its marketability and equity rather than your credit or income. Another great benefit of getting a private mortgage through a private lender is that the funds can be available extremely quickly which enables the borrower to use this source of financing for paying emergency bills, debt consolidation, home renovation or tax and mortgage arrears in case of power of sale.



Debt Consolidation

Lower your monthly payments by paying out high interest debt and credit cards

Renovate / Invest

Use the funds to renovate your home or as a down-payment for a new purchase

Mortgage Arrears

Pay out tax and mortgage backlogs to save your home from the province

Emergency Cash

Access to quick and easy cash to pay consumer proposal, judgements or urgent bills

Bad Credit OK

Your credit is not an issue, all credit types accepted

Past Bankrupticy

Your past bankruptcies won't stop you

Consumer Proposal

Pay off your consumer proposal
FAST 48Hr Closing

FAST 48Hr Closing

Fast approval & quick closing mortgages available

How much do I qualify to borrow?

The answer to this question depends on whether the private mortgage is used as the primary/first mortgage for purchasing or if this is used as a secondary source of financing such as home equity loan/second mortgage. If the private mortgage is used as the first mortgage to purchase a property then you can receive to maximum of 80% LTV. However, if the private mortgage is used for secondary source of financing such as home equity loan/second mortgage, then depending on the property and location, you can receive as much as 90% or even 95% LTV.

How can I get approved if I have horrible credit or consumer proposal, etc.?

Private lenders who provide these private mortgages use very different criteria than your traditional lenders; private mortgage lenders are much more concerned and focused on the property and not so much on the individual borrower or the homeowner. Private lenders are considered equity lenders and thus, their primary concern is the property value, amount of equity and marketability of the property. Therefore, they look past the credit troubles, past or present consumer proposals and even default on the first mortgage. They are willing to lend money to help out the homeowner through their current crisis which will result in a win situation for all. They are willing to take these risks as they are confident that in a worst case scenario their investment is protected since it is secured and backed by a real property.

Fast approval and quick closing service

Are you in hurry and urgently need your money? The good news is that private mortgages can be arranged very quickly. In case of home equity and second mortgages, once the value and equity has been determined, the closing can take place in as little as two business days and that is why many homeowners that are going through a major crisis such as medical emergency or power of sale and need money quickly turn to private mortgages to save their home or take care of the emergency as these mortgages can be funded very quickly.

Easy and Simple

Why Choose My Services

Who are you calling? Ask yourself what happens if you just called RE/MAX or walked to their office to sell your home? Who would pick up the call? Would it be the best salesperson in the office? In fact the opposite is more likely. The chances are your call will be routed to the first person picking up the phone or you would meet those sitting around in the office because they don’t yet have enough experience/clients; and thus, you may not receive the level of service you had hoped for. Mortgages are no different. Therefore, it is absolutely critical to KNOW WHO WOULD BE WORKING ON YOUR FILE.

With access to OVER 500 PRIVATE LENDERS, I can approve mortgages that many other agents and brokers including those that specialize in bad credit and second mortgages cannot. I have built an extensive network of private lenders so that I can approve tough situations all around including in small towns and rural areas of Ontario.

Private mortgages are different from traditional mortgages in that it is up to each agent/broker to find his or her own source of private funds. Most agents have only a few lenders they use for every situation which results in high fees, rates and turn-downs due to the fact that not every lender is able to finance every area or type of property.

Since each applicant's situation is unique, I submit your request to the lender which can best serve your financial needs based on your location, type of property and LTV. This ensures that not only you receive the second mortgage funds you need on time but that you receive an outstanding service as well as low rates and fees. Contact me today to discuss your financing needs

Pay Off All High Interest Debts and Get a Fresh Start on Life

Take Back Control of Your Life - Substantially Lower Your Monthly Payments using a Low Rate Equity Loan

Current Mortgage Second Mortgage
Current Home Value $400,000 Current Home Value $400,000
$200,000 Existing 1st Mortgage = $1,163/month $200,000 Existing 1st Mortgage = $1,163/month
Before Taking Advantage of Home Equity $50,000 2nd Mortgage = $250/month
$20,000 Auto Loan @ 10.0% = $425/month Auto Loan = Paid
$20,000 Credit Card @ 18% = $600/month Credit Card Debt = Paid
$10,000 Store Card @ 28% = $300/month Store Card Debt = Paid
Total $2,488/month Total $1,413/month
You Save $1,075/month!!!