Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia and London Second Mortgage

No Income/Credit Needed - Access the Maximum Equity in Your Home. You are Approved Based on EQUITY NOT Credit.

Are You Drowning in Debt? Your Home Equity Can Save You

If you are having a hard time keeping your head above the water due to debt then you would find relief in knowing that as long as you have equity in your home, you are approved for a second mortgage and bad credit mortgage from private lenders in Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia and London even if you had or are currently dealing with:

Power of Sale
Tax Arrears
Mortgage Arrears
Low/No Income
No Employment
Bad Credit/No Credit

Thus, regardless of how bad your financial crisis may be, I have private lenders as well as second mortgage lenders in London, Windsor, Sarnia and Chatham that can provide you with bad credit mortgages and funds you need based on the equity in your home. These London second mortgage lenders are not concerned with your horrible credit history or lack of income and thus the amount of funds you are qualified to receive depends on how much equity exist in your home.

How Can a Second Mortgage Help?

If you are struggling because of the high interest rates charged on your credit cards and other loans, you can greatly reduce your payments by taking out a 2nd mortgage from private lenders at a more favorable rate and pay off all your debt or consolidate them into a single loan with lower rate. Since you can setup a second mortgage in London, Windsor, Sarnia or Chatham to have interest only payments, your monthly payments will be a lot lower. You can also use the funds from this bad credit mortgage for other purposes such as paying for that home remodeling you always wanted, any urgent payment you have or even use it toward a down-payment for an investment property

You May be Wondering What a Second Mortgage Really Is?

If you have ever heard of or are familiar with home equity loans then you have heard of second mortgages as the two are really one and the same. These mortgages can be provided by private lenders, firms or institutions. These mortgages also act as bad credit mortgages for homeowners suffering from poor credit. Since the funds from a home equity loan is made available and secured against the equity in your home, your fist mortgage remains intact and the new loan Is really a second mortgage apart from the existing first mortgage.

Your Lack of Employment, Income or Bad Credit Will Not Stop You

Although any of the above is a show stopper when it comes to your bank, in the world of bad credit mortgages and private lenders, income and credit do not play as important of a role in qualifying borrowers. Second mortgage lenders in London are not concerned with your unemployment, income or credit, they are only concerned with the equity in your home. If you have equity in your home, then you can use it to cash out and re-purpose the money according to your needs.

What Type of Properties Qualify?

All residential properties including owner occupied, rental and student housing in London, St. Thomas, Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia as well as all owner occupied housing in the Middlesex county rural areas are qualified for a second loan. If you live in these areas and need to get a loan, call me or fill out the above form so that we can go over your requirements and provide you with the loan you desire.

Fast Services and Quick Closing

If you need to get a second mortgage in London, then you may be wondering when you could have the funds you need. I work very quickly to get you approved and I also have lenders who offer quick closing mortgages. Additionally your mortgage would be shopped through my private lender circle to find you a suitable rate and term. Call me or fill out the above form so that we can get started.

Pay Off All High Interest Debts and Get a Fresh Start on Life

Take Back Control of Your Life - Substantially Lower Your Monthly Payments using a Low Rate Equity Loan

Current Mortgage Second Mortgage
Current Home Value $400,000 Current Home Value $400,000
$200,000 Existing 1st Mortgage = $1,163/month $200,000 Existing 1st Mortgage = $1,163/month
Before Taking Advantage of Home Equity $50,000 2nd Mortgage = $250/month
$20,000 Auto Loan @ 10.0% = $425/month Auto Loan = Paid
$20,000 Credit Card @ 18% = $600/month Credit Card Debt = Paid
$10,000 Store Card @ 28% = $300/month Store Card Debt = Paid
Total $2,488/month Total $1,413/month
You Save $1,075/month!!!