Toronto Second Mortgage

No Income/Credit Required - Borrow up to 90% of Your Home Equity. You are APPROVED on EQUITY NOT Credit.

Is Debt Ruining Your Life? Get a Second Mortgage in Toronto to Take Control of Your Life

With access to an extensive network of private lenders and second mortgage Toronto program, you are approved for a second mortgage in Toronto even if you have or are going through:

Power of Sale
Tax Arrears
Mortgage Arrears
Low/No Income
No Employment
Bad Credit/No Credit
If you are struggling to pay off your monthly payments, you may be feeling anxious or scared about how you can ever pay off your debt so that you can enjoy life again. The great news is you can and with the the second mortgage Toronto program, it is easier than you think. Our Toronto private lenders have very flexible lending policies that focuses on the equity not your credit or income and thus they can provide you with a second mortgage in a short span of time

I specialize in helping homeowners like yourself that are struggling with high debt to take advantage of the equity in your home to pay off all high interest loans and credit card debts. By bundling your high interest debt into a single low rate equity loan with a favorable term, you will drastically lower your monthly payments so that not only you are able to meet your financial obligation but also you are able to save money for the future. Since you will be paying your payments on time, you will also improve your credit score in the process and benefit from lower interest rate in the future

What is a Second Mortgage Toronto Financing Program?

A second mortgage Toronto program is a home equity loan program that allows Toronto homeowners to borrow money based on the equity in their home without having to refinance, change the terms or rate of their existing mortgage. Thus, this home equity loan is a second mortgage taken out on top of the existing mortgage. Through an extensive network of alternative and Toronto private lender, I will find you the most suitable financing and rate for your unique situation. Call me today or apply online to discuss your Toronto second mortgage financing needs and secure a favorable loan for your specific situation.



Debt Consolidation

Lower your monthly payments by paying out high interest debt and credit cards

Renovate / Invest

Use the funds to renovate your home or as a down-payment for a new purchase

Mortgage Arrears

Pay out tax and mortgage backlogs to save your home from the province

Emergency Cash

Access to quick and easy cash to pay consumer proposal, judgements or urgent bills

Bad Credit OK

Your credit is not an issue, all credit types accepted

Past Bankrupticy

Your past bankruptcies won't stop you

Consumer Proposal

Pay off your consumer proposal
FAST 48Hr Closing

FAST 48Hr Closing

Fast approval & quick closing mortgages available

When Do You Need To Take Out a Second Mortgage?

A second mortgage Toronto financing program is useful when you do not wish or are restricted from making changes to your first mortgage. There could be many reasons why people may choose not to affect their first mortgage by taking a second mortgage in Toronto.. Some of the more common situations may be:

You need to borrow the funds for a short period and thus you don’t need to refinance your current mortgage.

Your credit situation has changed since you secured your first mortgage and refinancing would place the interest rate for the entire mortgage at a higher rate. Hence it is more cost effective to only get a smaller second mortgage so that you don’t affect the interest rate on the 1st mortgage.

Your current mortgage holder may choose not to qualify you for a larger amount. To get over this hurdle, you can get a 2nd mortgage from a different lender that has more flexible lending policy.

You need to borrow beyond the 80% LTV offered by traditional lenders (banks and institutional lenders) and thus you will need to secure a 2nd mortgage from a private lender.

You have or are going through a rough period (unemployment, bankruptcy, power of sale, tax or mortgage arrears, etc.) or your credit is badly bruised and you need to be approved for a second mortgage based on equity alone and not your credit or income.

You Are Approved Regardless of Credit or Income

You may be wondering how you can get approved for a second mortgage in Toronto if you have bad credit, bankruptcy or consumer proposal. The answer is simple; you are approved based on equity. In fact, I have second mortgage Toronto lenders and programs that do not require income or employment verification. Therefore if you have equity in your Toronto home, you are qualified for a second mortgage

Need It Urgent? Quick Closing Mortgages Available

If you have an emergency and need access to money urgently, you are glad to know that approval is done instantly and quick closing mortgages available so that you can have your funds in a matter of only few days.

Pay Off All High Interest Debts and Get a Fresh Start on Life

Take Back Control of Your Life - Substantially Lower Your Monthly Payments using a Low Rate Equity Loan

Current Mortgage Second Mortgage
Current Home Value $400,000 Current Home Value $400,000
$200,000 Existing 1st Mortgage = $1,163/month $200,000 Existing 1st Mortgage = $1,163/month
Before Taking Advantage of Home Equity $50,000 2nd Mortgage = $250/month
$20,000 Auto Loan @ 10.0% = $425/month Auto Loan = Paid
$20,000 Credit Card @ 18% = $600/month Credit Card Debt = Paid
$10,000 Store Card @ 28% = $300/month Store Card Debt = Paid
Total $2,488/month Total $1,413/month
You Save $1,075/month!!!